Termite Control Strategies You Should Attempt

25 August 2022
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Termites can be a great danger to your home and wooden structures. Unfortunately, most people will only recognize a termite infestation when it's too late. That said, you must apply some termite control strategies to keep these insects away from your home. Here are some effective strategies that should help keep termites at bay. Use Treated Wood to Build Most Americans prefer to build wooden structures, and as you know, termites are always attracted to wood. Read More …

Got Termites? Why Choose Non-Tenting Termite Treatment

19 July 2022
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If you're dealing with a termite infestation, you might be worried about the pesticide treatment. In the past, the only way to get rid of termites was to tent your home. Unfortunately, tenting your home requires a lot of preparation. Not only that, but the process interferes with your life for a few days. Luckily, there are other ways to get rid of termites now. Some of them don't require any tenting. Read More …

4 Signs That Rodents Have Invaded Your Attic

13 June 2022
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Rodents aren't just a possible problem on the main floors of your home. Mice, rats, and sometimes squirrels will invade your attic and turn it into their new house. Attics are particularly inviting because they are dry and private, so the rodents don't have to worry as much about being disturbed. Left alone, they can cause structural damage to the attic, chew wires, and pose an electrical hazard. 1. The Patter of Little Feet Read More …

Why Termite Control Shouldn’t Be A DIY Mission

9 May 2022
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DIY termite control sure does seem like an easy answer. You only need to buy a termiticide from your local hardware store, spray it at the area you have seen the termites, and all your problems will disappear. Right? Unfortunately, getting rid of termites isn't that simple, especially if you're dealing with a serious infestation. Below are three main reasons why termite control shouldn't be a DIY job.  Eliminating Termites Is Time-Consuming and Costly Read More …

Save Your Home With Termite Control Services

28 March 2022
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Despite their small size, termites can do a lot of damage to a home. These pests like to eat away at wood structures, and the resulting damage could necessitate costly repairs and make your home unsafe. The damage could go unnoticed at first, and you might not realize the extent of the destruction until your home is already seriously damaged by termites. Termite control services can get rid of termites and target the places where these insects often like to hide. Read More …