4 Things That Can Draw Termites To Your Residence

4 Things That Can Draw Termites To Your Residence

30 September 2022
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Your home is a significant investment, and any kind of damage can be costly. This is why even those tiny termites can cause you to incur extensive expenses to fix your home. For instance, they can ruin your furniture, walls, ceilings, and foundation. Thus, if these pests invade your home, you need expert termite control services to prevent the risk of further destruction. It generally helps to know what is luring these insects to your residential home. Here are some elements that can attract termites to your residence:


Termites can thrive in moist places and look to feed on wet rotting wood inside your home. In addition, leaking pipes and poor drainage can create moisture problems in your house. Dampness may also result from poor air circulation and attract termites. Once these pests enter your home, it can be difficult to eliminate them inexpertly because they infest in large numbers. Therefore, you need an expert to eliminate these termites and their eggs.

Blocked Gutters

Leaves, dirt, and branches can fall into your gutters, and if not cleaned, they can attract termites. This is because the organic matter inside your gutters can begin to rot over time. Eventually, the rot progresses to your roof's components and causes termite issues. The pests can invade your gutters and roof looking for food and shelter but ultimately infest your indoor space and eat away at anything made of wood.

Dead Trees and Abandoned Stumps

Dead trees and unremoved stumps in your yard might seem harmless, particularly if they're not obstructing your paths. However, critters can nest in such places, feeding on dead wood. Over time, the termites may move into your house, seeking more favorable living conditions. Accordingly, removing decaying trees is a good way to deter a termite infestation. Even so, you need an expert to exterminate these pests once they migrate into your residence.

Firewood And Piles Of Wood

If you store wood too close to your home, it can attract termites and give them access to your indoors. While keeping firewood inside your house during the cold season is suitable for easy retrieval, this wood might attract critters into your home. In some cases, termites could already be living in the wood piles. As such, they spread quickly throughout your residence and cause destruction. You need to hire a specialist to rid your residential home of the infestation.

Termites are small pests that can cause colossal destruction to your property if not eliminated. So, call professional pest control contractors if you notice any signs, e.g., hollow wood, hard-to-close doors and windows, wings, etc. 

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