What You Can Do To Protect Against Mice This Winter

What You Can Do To Protect Against Mice This Winter

14 November 2022
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During the cooler weather months, fields are being plowed, and gardens have been harvested. Trees and plants have already lost anything edible and are drying up, and there's nothing left to eat outside for the wildlife. Most outdoor animals and wildlife have already gathered food to eat throughout the cold weather months, but there may be some pests that haven't done so and are more than willing to go to great lengths to find food, including breaking into your home and making themselves at home, eating your food and drinking your water, and sleeping very close by. One example of a pest that may be doing these things is mice. You could end up with mice in your home this winter because they are foraging for food that cannot be found outside any longer. To help prevent mice this winter in your home, there are several things you may be able to do. Read on for helpful information.

Clean Up The Landscaping Around Your Home

All landscaping around your home needs to be cleaned up. Remove dead plants and leaves that may be in flower or garden beds. This can be housing a number of pests, including mice, which will then be attracted to your home eventually when it gets too cold. Remove anything close to your home that could be housing pests such as mice. Remove limbs that are hanging low to the ground from trees, or any limbs that are hanging over your home should also be removed. Clip back bushes and trees as best as you can.

Move Rubbish

Remove rubbish from around your home, such as piles of wood that you do not need, and remove piles of trash or compost that you may also have lying around your yard that could be used for these pests to hide and nest inside. Remove all rubbish, and also remove any garbage or trash that you have in your yard and keep your yard as clean as possible.

Protect Your Home

Protect your home from mice coming inside by making repairs to your home where mice may be able to get inside. Cracks, holes, and other areas that are damaged should be repaired to prevent mice from getting in. Mice can squeeze into very small holes or cracks, so you need to repair as many of these small areas as possible.

If you have an issue with mice during the winter months, you need to use the information above to help you protect your home. Call a professional pest control company to help you protect your home.