Termite Control Strategies You Should Attempt

Termite Control Strategies You Should Attempt

25 August 2022
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Termites can be a great danger to your home and wooden structures. Unfortunately, most people will only recognize a termite infestation when it's too late. That said, you must apply some termite control strategies to keep these insects away from your home. Here are some effective strategies that should help keep termites at bay.

Use Treated Wood to Build

Most Americans prefer to build wooden structures, and as you know, termites are always attracted to wood. So, use pressure-treated lumber if you plan to build a wooden fence or shed in your garden. Termites will keep off any wooden structure that's treated with chemicals. At least you won't have to worry about termite damage.

Get Rid of Moisture

Do you know that termites prefer living in humid areas? Surprisingly, these insects build mud tubes to preserve moisture and protect themselves from the scorching sun. That said, you have to ensure that your home isn't humid. Get rid of any excess moisture by running air conditioners during summer and investing in a dehumidifier. If you can maintain low moisture levels, you won't need to worry about termites. 

Expose the Infested Items to the Sun

Termites hate heat and will barely survive in the scorching sun. So, if you have wooden furniture or items that termites have attacked, place them outside. Ensure the location is exposed to direct sunlight. Now leave the items outside for a few days. The heat from the sun should dry the moisture and kill all the termites nesting on the furniture. 

Use Repellent Termiticides

You might also want to use repellent termiticides around all your wooden structures. The market has plenty of repellent termiticides you can utilize. Just find a strong termiticide and sprinkle it around your fence, deck, shed, and house foundation. These products keep the termites at bay, meaning they won't discover or attack your structures.

Keep Firewood Away From Your House

Termites will attack your wood piles first before they get to your house. That said, you must place the firewood at a strategic location. If possible, place your wood piles a few feet away from your home. In fact, anything that can provide a good nesting place for termites should be kept further away from your home. This includes mulch piles, tree stumps, sawdust, and firewood.

Seek Professional Help

If DIY termite control strategies don't cut it, ask a professional to help keep the termites away. They might use baits of spray termiticides in the affected areas. Whatever method they use, you can rest assured that the problem won't recur soon. For more information on pest control, contact a professional near you.