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6 Ways Mice Cause Problems In Your Home

19 March 2020
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Mice are common household pests and chances are that they reside on, in, or near your property. When they get into your home, they can pose a serious health threat in addition to their destructiveness. Here are six serious health and destructive issues caused by mice and steps to take to keep them out of your home. Problems Mice Cause The health risks mice pose to humans are well documented and serious. Read More …

Information You Want To Know About Mice

18 March 2020
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Whether you feel your home is rodent free or you worry your home has rodents, you should educate yourself on rodents to ensure you would be able to spot problems right away. This article will give you some information on rodents, so you will be better prepared to spot troubles and to deal with them. Here are some things to know about rodents. How to spot a mouse hole When you imagine what a mouse hole may look like, you might conjure up images of holes like the ones you have seen on cartoons. Read More …