Poison Oak, Ivy, And Dandelions, Oh, No!

Poison Oak, Ivy, And Dandelions, Oh, No!

1 April 2020
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Spring is here and dandelions are starting to pop up everywhere when it rains. Unwanted weeds are also starting to climb and creep into your landscaping and taking over your lawn. Therefore, you want to get control of these problems before the spring weather gets warmer and they end up being annoying battles that you will be fighting all summer. The following spring weed treatment guide will help you get rid of these unwanted weeds before warmer weather arrives.

1. Ugly Crab Grass That Can Take Over Your Lawn and Kill the Healthy Green Turf You Planted

Crabgrass is one of the biggest problems that you may have in your lawn because it often goes unnoticed until it has established itself in the turf. Therefore, if you see crabgrass beginning to grow in your lawn, you will want to use a selective weed spray treatment to kill it and to allow healthy grass to grow and establish lush, green turf for your lawn.

2. Controlling Ivy and Climbing Vines That Start Growing Fast and Taking Over Landscaping in Summer

There are many different types of ivy and climbing plants that can cause rashes, grow fast, and quickly take over healthy landscaping. Therefore, you want to control these plants before the warmer weather is here. You can cut back ivy, burn it with other underbrush, or use a weed spray treatment to kill it before it begins to grow again.

3. Using Spray Weed Treatments to Kill Dandelions and Removing the Occasional Weed During Summer

One of the most annoying plants that you may find in your lawn during the summer months is the dandelion. These plants are common during the summer months, but weed spraying services may be able to help you manage them. Spray weed treatments can help to prevent them from starting to grow in spring. During the summer months, look for dandelions before mowing the grass and remove them to help prevent them from establishing in your lawn and causing damage to the turf.

4. Overseeding, Aerating, and Doing Spray Treatments to Cramp the Space for Weeds and Stop Them from Growing

Lastly, good, healthy grass can help stop the weeds from growing during the warm summer weather. Start the spring lawn treatments by aerating your lawn and seeding it to fill any available space with new grass plants. This will reduce space where weeds can start to grow. You will also want to use a combination of weed spray and fertilizer treatment for the new seed to help promote healthy new grass to grow.

These are some of the things that you will want to do to get rid of unwanted weeds this spring before the sun comes out and the weather gets warmer. If you need help dealing with a weed problem before summer, contact a weed spraying service to get rid of this growth before it is too late.