7 Things To Eliminate From Your Bedroom If You're Battling Bed Bugs

7 Things To Eliminate From Your Bedroom If You're Battling Bed Bugs

1 April 2020
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Take a walk through the average bedroom, and it is easy to see why bed bugs prefer to dwell here. In the process of working with a pest control company for proper bed bug treatment, you'll have to do your part to make the space a little less inviting to the creatures that haunt you in the night. 

Wall Decor — Yes, bed bugs will make their way into the decor you have on the walls, especially picture frames and anything with tiny crevices. Take down everything, thoroughly inspect it, clean it with full-strength isopropyl alcohol, and then seal it away until treatment is done. 

Extra Pillows — Bed bugs love pillows. They're like mini mattresses. You can heat treat most pillows in the dryer on high heat, but if not, seal them carefully in a bag and ask the expert to treat them. 

Bedside Books or Magazines — Heat treat these reading materials by sitting them in a sealed plastic container in a hot car for several days, or leave it to the professionals that have the equipment to do the same thing. Get rid of any books or magazines you can possibly part with; they can be quite the perfect hiding place for the pests. 

Dirty Laundry — Dirty laundry littering the floor is going to make it that much harder for bed bug treatment to actually work, whether the bed bug control expert you hire is using heat treatments or pesticides. Gather up your dirty laundry and keep it in airtight bags until it can be properly washed and dried. 

Stuffed Animals — They're cute and cuddly and work perfectly for snuggle buddies if you typically sleep alone, but stuffed animals are safe harbors for bed bugs. Toss these in a pillowcase and run them through a few cycles in the dryer on high heat if possible. This will kill bed bugs and their eggs. 

Area Rugs — If you are lucky enough to have solid-surface floors, you're already at an advantage in your battle against the bloodsuckers. If you have area rugs in your bedroom, bag them up tightly in a garbage bag and then double bag them so any bugs inside can't get out. Relocate these bags to storage or to the garage for safe-keeping until they can be properly treated. 

Yourself — No joke here—getting rid of the food source in the bedroom can be for the best if you're home is currently undergoing bed bug treatment with a professional. You may have already migrated out of the bedroom anyway due to the problem, and if so, keep it that way for a while if at all possible. It is even worth investing in an air mattress for a temporary sleeping spot somewhere else in the house. 

 To learn more about bed bug control, contact pest control companies in your area.