Is It True Bed Bugs Carry Diseases? And Other Important Questions

Is It True Bed Bugs Carry Diseases? And Other Important Questions

20 May 2020
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They are an all-out nightmare — bed bugs are the pest that no one wants because just the thought of a pest crawling in bed while you sleep to suck your blood is alarming. Take a look at some of the things you may want to know about these bugs if you have them in your home. 

Is it true bed bugs carry diseases?

Bed bugs are known to carry a parasite that can lead to Chagas disease, which is actually an extremely dangerous disease that is also related to the kissing bug. However, most people will not contract a disease from a bed bug, but the bites themselves could cause a skin reaction due to allergies or extreme sensitivity. 

Can bed bugs crawl into your ears?

Bed bugs are really small, so yes, they could potentially crawl into your ears while you are sleeping. However, it would be relatively rare for a bed bug to actually make its way into your ear because it is simply not necessary for them to gain access to food. Most of these pests will take the path of least resistance to get the human blood they feed on. Nevertheless, it is best to be really conscious of bed bugs if you have a major infestation, especially with small children who may sleep a little harder than an adult and not feel a bed bug on their ear. 

Is it true bed bugs die when it gets hot?

It is true that bed bugs can be killed with heat treatment; many of the best bed bug treatment companies actually use heat treatment to eradicate a problem. However, bed bugs typically do not die just because the temperature gets hotter outside. These pests have to be exposed to a temperature of 119 degrees for at least 90 minutes at a time. Unless you live in an area where the temperature reaches this height, which is relatively uncommon, it really won't matter if it gets hot outside. 

Can bed bugs live inside the walls in your home?

Bed bugs are masters at hiding in the smallest cracks and tightest places. It is uncommon for bed bugs to get inside the walls if the home is well built, but it is not completely unheard of. If there is a small crack where bed bugs can make it into the walls, they may go inside to hide, especially during typical treatment efforts. This is why treatment for bed bugs is not a once-and-done process with professionals. The process can require several treatment visits. 

If you need help with bed bug treatment, contact an exterminator in your area.