What Are Your Potential Pest Control Options?

What Are Your Potential Pest Control Options?

7 July 2023
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People exploring pest control options usually want to know how a technician might handle their situation. There are numerous ways to control pests. However, the effectiveness of some options may be better or worse depending on what sorts of pests are present. If you're trying to understand the possible options, they usually fall into one of these six groups.


One of the most basic solutions is setting traps. Especially with bigger pests like rodents and birds, trapping them is often the simplest way to get rid of them. Some traps use bait or pheromones to attract creatures. Others target specific areas where the pests might enter the property.


Particularly when it comes to getting rid of bugs, pest control frequently relies on chemicals. Fortunately, advances in the use of enzymes and other agents have provided more kid- and pet-safe options than existed even a decade ago. Some infestations, however, call for using strong chemicals that require a family to temporarily leave a house while a professional fumigates.

Similarly, chemicals are common in long-term mitigation strategies. For example, many treatments for termite infestations involve placing slow-release chemicals under or near a building. Also, some poisons for ant colonies rely on the bugs carrying the chemicals back to their nests.


Installing physical barriers is sometimes the best answer. Suppose a house has birds in the attic. After clearing the birds out, a professional can install meshes around the vents and other points of entry. These barriers will prevent the birds from returning.

Likewise, you should try to repair damaged parts of the building that allow pests in. Filling cracks along the foundation can go a long way in pest control.

Changing the Environment

Reducing the humidity or increasing the heat in a space is a common solution. Doing both is a popular way to get rid of termites that have dug deeply into a house's wood. Many bugs respond poorly to shifts in their environment, and this can trigger colony-wide death.

Biological Agents

Sometimes the answer to an invasive species is to introduce something that kills it. For example, some pest control contractors use bacteria to deal with caterpillars. They might also introduce ladybugs to consume aphids.


Finally, smoke is a potential option. This is particularly the case when it comes to pacifying and removing bees, wasps, and hornets. Smoke makes them more docile, and then a pest control company can remove them. With some bees, they can even give them to beekeepers.

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