Why Termite Control Shouldn't Be A DIY Mission

Why Termite Control Shouldn't Be A DIY Mission

9 May 2022
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DIY termite control sure does seem like an easy answer. You only need to buy a termiticide from your local hardware store, spray it at the area you have seen the termites, and all your problems will disappear. Right? Unfortunately, getting rid of termites isn't that simple, especially if you're dealing with a serious infestation. Below are three main reasons why termite control shouldn't be a DIY job. 

Eliminating Termites Is Time-Consuming and Costly

The main reason you may be considering the DIY route in the first place is to save time and money. But for DIY termite control, that's rarely the case. For example, since you're not a pest control expert, you may not know the best pesticides or tools to use for the job. If you happen to buy wrong or ineffective supplies, you have to purchase new ones. In the end, the trial and error will lead to a significant loss of time and money. 

With termite control experts, there is no second-guessing. They know the pesticide and tools to use for fast results. Most importantly, they can guarantee effective results, so you don't have to worry about termites again anytime soon. 

Risk of Pesticide Poisoning

There's a reason why most pesticides have crossbones and skulls on their containers. If misused, they could have severe risks to you, your loved ones, and your pets. These dangers include rashes, burns, respiratory illnesses, and even cancer.

Hiring a pest exterminator to eliminate termites from your home takes these dangers out of your hands. These professionals use pesticides that wouldn't harm you or your household members. And, even if they have to use a dangerous chemical, their specialized training and experience allow them to avoid causing any harm. 

Eliminating Termites Isn't Easy

Eliminating termites goes way deeper than spraying termiticides to the ground. Termites like to build their colonies underground, and you will only see them after digging up. Also, you have to eliminate the entire colony to protect your home from future infestations. 

The termite control process involves digging a trench around your home and injecting the termiticide into the soil. Where a trench isn't possible, you will need to drill holes. The trench and the holes need to be a few feet deep. 

If you make a mistake when digging the trench or injecting the termiticides, the entire plan may not work, and you won't know it failed until several months later. Why take a gamble when you can hire termite control experts to complete the job right the first time! For more information on termite control, contact a professional near you.