4 Important Things To Know About Dealing With House Mice

4 Important Things To Know About Dealing With House Mice

11 October 2021
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It can be distressing to find a mouse in your home, as they carry diseases and can seriously damage your home. If you found a mouse in your home, it is essential to know what you are dealing with.

1. Identifying the Mouse

First, you want to be able to identify what you are seeing. A house mouse is really small and slender. They are also furry, with smooth coloring. Their tail is about as long as their body. Their fur is generally darker on their back and lighter on the underside. They have tiny eyes. If that is what you are seeing, then you have house mice in your home.

2. Infestation Signs

Second, it is essential to know the identification signs that you actually have an infestation of house mice in your home. In general, they will leave behind vital signs that let you know they are there. For instance, mice will leave gnaw marks that look like chisel marks on surfaces around the house. These gnaw marks will more than likely be around entrances or places where they find food. You will also see small, long, rod-shaped droppings with pointed ends.

Mice also tend to leave grease rub marks and footprints on the areas where they move around. Plus, they will leave behind damaged goods.  

3. Nest Locations

Third, house mice like to hang out in warm and soft places. They tend to make nests in attic insulation, walls, or storage boxes. They may also make nests in spaces where clothing and paper are stored. They will even gather up soft materials to create a more comfortable home.

4. Getting Rid of Them

Fortunately, you can get rid of house mice. You will want to work with a pest control service to get rid of the mice, as they can carry diseases and damage your home. A pest control company will help you figure out where to strategically set traps so that you can get rid of them. A pest control specialist will do more than just simple trap the mice. Rather, they will work with you to create a plan to ensure that you get rid of the mice for good. They can even help you clean up and repair the damage done by the mice once you get rid of them.

House mice may seem small and cute, but they can wreak some serious damage to your home, carry diseases, and leave behind a dirty trail you don't want in your home. If you spot them in your home, work with a pest control specialist right away to get rid of them. Contact a pest control service to learn more.