What To Do If A Skunk Will Not Vacate Your Property

What To Do If A Skunk Will Not Vacate Your Property

26 May 2021
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If you have a skunk that has been hanging around your property frequently, you are likely to want to find a way to remove it so there is no threat of it spraying people or pets. You also do not want it to destroy any of the physical attributes of your yard. Here are steps to take so a skunk is no longer a nuisance.

Contact A Residential Wildlife Removal Service

It is risky to try to remove a skunk from your property on your own if you do not have the knowledge in dealing with these creatures. You are likely to become sprayed or possibly bit or scratched if you do trap the skunk. A residential wildlife removal service will use the proper tools to trap the skunk so that it does not become injured and will know exactly where to relocate it so that it has a chance of survival in another area.

Know Where Traps Are Located So You Can Check Them

When the residential wildlife removal service places traps on your property, ask them if you can tag along so know where they are located. This is especially important if you have pets. If a pet happens to become trapped in a wildlife trap, you need to know how to access it so it can be freed. If a skunk becomes trapped, you will need to make a call to the wildlife service so they can send a worker to your home to remove the animal without delay.

Use Tactics To Discourage Skunks

If you make your property less attractive to wildlife creatures, they will likely move on to other areas. Remove all possible food sources from your property. This includes berries and nuts, as skunks enjoy eating these scraps when they fall from trees and bushes. Use a pest control agent to eliminate insects from your yard as well. If you have a fountain, pool, or birdbath on your property, cover it when it is not in use so skunks do not have a way to get water. Use motion-detecting lighting to start skunks if they get too close to your home. Keep your garbage cans in your garage or use locking mechanisms on them and keep them away from the curb until the day of your collection service. Using these tips, along with placing traps on your property, increases the likelihood that a skunk will either vacate or become contained within days.

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