Removing Mice From Your Garden Shed

Removing Mice From Your Garden Shed

26 February 2021
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If you have a shed on your property that you utilize for gardening tools and other landscaping items, and you believe mice have made their way inside of this structure, taking action is necessary for their complete removal. Here are steps to take to ensure mice no longer pose a threat to your belongings.

Remove All Items From The Shed

While it does not seem like a fun activity to partake in, the removal of every item from your shed is necessary to search for mice, their nesting areas, and any offspring they may have living inside of this building. When removing items, be sure to use gloved hands so your skin does not come into contact with pests or mouse droppings. Dump out containers to search for signs of pests. This is a great opportunity to do a bit of organizing as you check over your belongings.

Check For Areas Needing Repair

After the contents of your garden shed have been removed and checked for pests, head to the interior of the shed itself to look for spots where mice have been able to make their way inside. Any cracks or crevices where you can see the outdoors need to be filled in so rodents do not continue to use them as pathways to the inside. Caulk or expandable foam works well at filling in voids. Continue to the exterior of the garden shed to search for holes and replace siding pieces if needed. Do not forget to evaluate the condition of the rooftop as well.

Keep Food Products And Water Out Of Your Shed

Consider storing seeds in a location within your household rather than keeping them in your shed. Mice tend to be attracted to seeds and use them as a source of food. If you must store seeds in this location, place them inside containers with locking lids. Be sure to dump out any water from watering cans before storing these containers in your shed so mice do not have a readily available source for drinking.

Set Traps To Eliminate Future Pests

Traps come in a variety of types, sizes, and price ranges. If you opt for snapping traps inside your shed, make sure to set them up in locations away from foot traffic. Glue traps, humane mouse cube traps, or pesticides can also be used as ways to catch or kill rodents. If you do not feel comfortable using traps, contact a pest control service to assist.

Reach out to a professional for a mice removal treatment