What Happens When a Professional Removes Fleas From Your Home?

What Happens When a Professional Removes Fleas From Your Home?

17 February 2021
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If your dog or cat gets fleas, getting rid of these pests can be a real process. Not only do you need to have the dog or cat treated for fleas, but you also need to have your home treated for fleas. If even a few fleas have made their way into your carpet, sofa, or other home materials, then your pet will just get re-infested, and the situation will keep perpetuating itself. It's always best to hire a professional pest control company to remove fleas from your home since these professionals work thoroughly and effectively. But how will a flea removal company work to remove fleas from your home? Take a look.

Cleaning Soft Items and Surfaces

In order to fully remove fleas from your home, it's important that items like your clothing, blankets, and dog beds are all cleaned. Usually, a pest control company will not clean these personal items for you, but they will give you a list of personal items that should be laundered along with instructions to launder them properly. (For instance, you'll likely be told to use hot water, as this is most likely to kill the fleas.) Your pest control company will request that you do this just prior to their arrival since, for proper flea control, it will be important to treat your home and all its contents at about the same time.

Flea Control Product Application

Once your individual items have been laundered, the pest control professional will come out to your home and ask you, your family members, and your pets to leave for a period of time. You'll probably need to be away for at least three or four hours. While you're gone, they will apply a specialized flea treatment product that kills adult fleas and also keeps flea eggs from hatching.

Follow-Up Testing

Your home will not be flea-free instantly after treatment. Fleas that were in the pupal stage when the product was applied may develop into adults and then die over the next week. However, about two weeks after the treatment, your home should be flea-free. Most pest control companies will return to your home and test for fleas at this point. If they do still find any evidence of fleas, they'll recommend another round of spraying.

This is what happens during most professional flea removal appointments. It's pretty straightforward from the perspective of the homeowner!