6 Steps To Take In Winter To Prevent Pest Invasion In Spring

6 Steps To Take In Winter To Prevent Pest Invasion In Spring

29 January 2021
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Winter is a time when homeowners can take a break from rampant summer pests like wasps and ants. But although your kitchen surfaces are no longer plagued by ants, that doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare in advance for the coming spring invasion. Springtime brings ants, wasps, termites, rodents, birds, and a whole host of other invasive pests. So if you want to make sure your home stays pest-free when spring arrives, prepare your home in the following ways during the colder months of winter.

1. Seal up exterior cracks and holes

Pests like wasps begin to build their nests in the spring. Cracks and holes in decking and siding are attractive nesting locations. Spiders will also nest in these locations. And invasive pests like ants use cracks and holes to invade your kitchen. Seal all cracks and holes to stop pests using them in spring.

2. Eliminate water and moisture sources

Pests need water to survive and thrive. Fix all outdoor faucets, ensure your irrigation is in good shape and cover your pond with a net. Steps like these will deprive invasive pests of water.

3. Repair and place window screens

Flies and other pests will invade your home via your windows. Make sure you add screens to your windows and repair existing screens before spring arrives.

4. Trim back vegetation from your walls and roof

Vegetation brings pests like termites and rats into your home. Winter is a great time to trim trees and plants, as they are still dormant.

5. Dispose of old furniture and built up rubbish

If you have any old furniture and garbage taking up space in your yard or garage, get rid of it before spring arrives. Pests like wasps, rats, spiders, and cockroaches will use clutter and garbage as nesting material. Remove junk and clutter from your outdoor spaces before spring to keep pests from nesting there.  

6. Change your outdoor light bulbs

If you want to keep flying insects and spiders away from your home on spring and summer evenings, change your outdoor light bulbs. Opt for sodium vapor lights or yellow bulbs, as these don't attract flying insects.

Preparing your home in these ways can help to prevent pest invasions come spring. But you should also consider hiring a pest control specialist to do a full inspection of your home just to make sure. A pest controller can give you some advice on how to protect your home when the pests come out in spring. Reach out to residential pest control services in your area.