What To Do If You Find Honeybees On Your Land

What To Do If You Find Honeybees On Your Land

5 November 2020
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Most people do not particularly want to find honeybees on their property. Bees are known to sting, and while honeybees are not as aggressive as many other bee species, they can get a little territorial if they feel threatened. However, as you probably know, honeybee populations are in decline, which poses a threat to agriculture and the environment. So you can't just spray the honeybee nest with insecticides or otherwise kill the bees. What should you do? Take a look.

Call a bee relocation specialist.

Many pest control companies will not deal with honeybees. They know they cannot and will not spray them like they would spray other bees and wasps, and they do not have the staff, skills, or connections to properly relocate the bees. So you will need to look for a bee relocation specialist. This can be harder to find in some areas than in others. Here are some suggestions to help you find bee relocation specialists in your area:

  • Call the pest control companies. They may know of some bee relocation specialists who can help you.
  • Call your local cooperative extension.
  • Call any local beekeepers and honey shops. Some get their bees primarily by relocating them from private residences.

Let the professionals handle the removal.

Once you have found a bee removal specialist, set up an appointment and wait patiently. Do not attempt to move the bees yourself, and just try your best to stay away from the nest. Professionals have the necessary protective gear to wear when trapping and relocating bees. They also know how to remove a hive while doing the least damage possible and how long to wait for additional bees to go into their transportation container. 

If you are curious as to how the bees will be removed, you can watch from a distance. Some bee removal specialists will bring along an extra mask and cover so that you can get a little closer and observe what's going on.

Keep an eye out for additional nests afterward.

In the weeks following the initial bee removal, keep your eyes out for new nests being made. If some bees were left behind, they may build a new nest. Contact the bee removal specialist ASAP if you do see any new nests; they're easiest to remove then they're still small.

If you follow the advice above when you find honeybees on your land, you and the bees should be in good shape.

To learn more, reach out to a honey bee relocation specialist in your area.