Why Rats Are Dangerous House Pests And How A Rat Extermination Service Can Help Eliminate Them

Why Rats Are Dangerous House Pests And How A Rat Extermination Service Can Help Eliminate Them

15 October 2020
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Rats are among the most frightening pests you can have in your home. If you only have a few rats, you might rarely see them, but if you have a large infestation, you may encounter the rats regularly, and that can be alarming. Whether you just have a few rats or a lot of them, it's important to eliminate the rodents quickly. Here's why rats are such a danger to you and your home and how a rat extermination service can get rid of them.

The Dangers of a Rat Infestation

Pet rats are clean and cute, but wild rats are different. They crawl through sewers, garbage, and other unsanitary places before entering your home. They spread diseases through bites and droppings. Rats can damage your home by chewing holes in the roof, gnawing on electrical wiring, and creating a foul stench in your house.

Rats gnaw on things to break through barriers in their way and to create nesting material. In the process, they can destroy documents, photos, clothing, and valuables in your home. Even if you only see one rat in your house, take steps to get rid of it before the pest has time to contaminate your home and cause destruction.

The Steps Involved in Rat Elimination

Dealing with a rat infestation is a matter of blocking the rats from getting inside and then trapping the ones left indoors. When you get help from a rat extermination service, one of the things they do is determine where the rats are gaining entry. If you seal your house well, the risk of rats getting inside is much lower. Sealing can be as easy as stuffing steel wool in gaps around your foundation, siding, and in holes.

Another thing the rat exterminator may do is figure out why rats are attracted to your property. Sealing the rats out is a big help, but if there is an infestation outdoors, the rats may gnaw through your house and create new entry holes. You may need to clear away a brush pile or remove a junk car from your property where rats are nesting and breeding.

One of the most important things the rat extermination service does is set traps. These can be set indoors and in safe places outside. The exterminator may set several traps one day and then return to collect and empty them a few days later. Trapping is usually effective if the traps are set in the right places with bait that rats love. Several are often set at a time so as many rats are caught as possible before the rats start avoiding the traps.

The exterminator may then offer advice on things you need to do so the rats won't come back. This might include cleaning the rat-infested area thoroughly to eliminate the rat scent that attracts other rats.

For more information about rat extermination, contact a local service.