3 Tips For Removing Animals From Your Attic

3 Tips For Removing Animals From Your Attic

1 September 2020
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You don't want to have animals in your attic. Not only are they annoying, but they can really damage your home. You need to know the signs that there are animals in your attic and what to do once you suspect they are there.

1. Know How Animals Get in Your Attic

There are a few different animals that tend to like to get inside of attics. Squirrels, raccoons, possums, rats, and mice, as well as pigeons, are usually the top offenders.

Squirrels tend to make a lot of scampering noises when they get into your attic, and they tend to remove insulation around the eaves of your home in order to gain access. Squirrels usually stop by for a short while and leave.

Raccoons and possums usually get in by taking advantage of a hole in your roof or side of your home, but raccoons can also tear apart your home in order to make their own hole. They then tear up the inside of your attic in order to create a home for themselves.

Pigeons tend to get into attics via damaged vents and windows, and you may hear the pigeon flapping around and running into things. They also leave behind small bird droppings.

If you have excess rats and mice in your home, they may be hiding out in your attic. Once they turn up, they tend to stay around.

2. Know How to Get Rid of Animals in Your Attic

How to get rid of the animals depends on what type of animal you're dealing with. If you have squirrels, they may leave on their own within a few days. If you have raccoons or possums, they usually are not going to leave on their own, and you will have to trap and remove them. Rats and mice will not leave on their own and will have to be trapped if you want to remove them from your attic. Pigeons will usually leave on their own once they find a way out.

3. Know How to Keep Animals Out of Your Attic

Once you get the animals out of your attic, you need to take steps to keep them from coming back.

All the above animals usually gain access to your attic through an already established entry point. You are going to need to seal up all entry points, such as openings around roof vents, gaps along the eaves, and holes in your attic. All these spaces are going to need to be properly sealed up so that no animal can gain entry to your home.

Mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, and possums can destroy the insulation in your attic, and leave behind their waste, which you don't want festering in your attic. Most pest removal companies will replace your attic insulation with insulation that will help repel unwanted pests in the future.

If you suspect that animals are in your attic, you need to take steps to immediately get rid of those animals. Contact a pest control company that offers animal removal services to learn more.