Do You Have Questions About Mosquito Misting Systems?

Do You Have Questions About Mosquito Misting Systems?

24 July 2020
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Mosquito misting systems are one of the most common options for homeowners who are fed up with these biting insects and want to take back their yards. Many pest control companies are installing them, but before you call and schedule that installation appointment, you are bound to have a few questions. Hopefully, you find them answered below.

How do mosquito misting systems work?

Although there are a few different popular brands of these systems, they all work quite similarly. The system comes with a control center and several nozzles, each of which has an attached bag of pesticide liquid. Periodically throughout the day, the control center sends out a wireless signal to the nozzles, and they shoot bursts of spray. The spray kills any mosquitoes it comes into contact with, and it also helps repel additional mosquitoes in the area. Usually, you can program the system to release the spray at your preferred times of day. It should spray at dusk and dawn, and perhaps once or twice in-between depending on how severe your mosquito issue is.

What chemicals does the misting system use?

Most misting systems use pyrethrins, which are the same class of chemicals that you'll find in most insect repellents. These compounds do kill many other insects, such as houseflies and ants, so once you install a misting system, you will likely notice fewer bugs around your home in general.

What benefits does misting have over other methods?

Perhaps the best thing about this way of controlling mosquitoes is that you rarely have to think about it. Once the system is set up, it works automatically. You only have to refill the insecticide reservoirs every couple of weeks, and in fact, many pest control companies will even come do this for you. Mosquito misting setups also work well when you have pets and children who you want to keep away from insecticides. Just note what time the misters turn on, and don't let pets or kids in the yard around those times.

Are there any downfalls to misting systems?

Mosquito misting systems can have a relatively high initial cost compared to other options, like manual fogging. The nozzles also have to be carefully placed in order to be effective.

Mosquito misting systems offer an excellent way to achieve a mosquito-free backyard. Talk to a pest control company in your area if you would like to learn more about mosquito misting.