Don't Rely On Just Your Cat To Control Rodents: Why You Need A Professional

Don't Rely On Just Your Cat To Control Rodents: Why You Need A Professional

14 July 2020
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Just because you have a cat doesn't mean you're not going to have to worry about mice. Your cat may not be able to keep up with the pest control around your home, and those pesky mice may be staying out of the way of your cat, meaning you could still have mice in your home. You can't rely on just your cat for keeping mice out of your home, you need a pest control company for help. Read on for a few reasons why.

Your Cat May Be Lazy

Your cat may be a lazy cat that isn't up for pest control and is more or less up for sleeping and eating - cat food, not live food. Your cat may be lazy, but a pest control specialist isn't going to be. A pest control specialist is going to get rid of the mice in your home and will look everywhere for signs of rodents in your home. Even in those places where your cat doesn't seem to want to look.

Your Cat Isn't Thorough

Your cat isn't that thorough. He is going to roam in the areas where he normally roams, he isn't going to check in the crawl space or attic, and he isn't going to look for the holes where the mice are coming in through. A pest control specialist will do all of these things. He will find the areas where mice are coming in through and will show you so you can make the necessary repairs to prevent any future mice. A pest control specialist will also venture into the areas of your home where mice may also be nesting such as the attic, crawl space and around areas where your piping comes into your home.

Your Cat Can't Offer Prevention Tips

Your cat isn't going to offer you prevention tips such as putting up and sealing the cat food in an air-tight container, or keeping other food cleaned up as well. A pest control specialist can offer these tips and more to you. If you aren't sure how to prevent mice from entering your home, talk to a pest control company today about getting someone out to your home to take care of the mice in your house.

Just because you have a cat doesn't mean you won't have an issue with mice. If you do have a rodent problem, you should call a pest or rodent control company for help to get rid of these pests and leave the napping and eating to your cat.