How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Crawl Space

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Crawl Space

29 June 2020
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Ants can come in from anywhere in your home. They are so tiny that they can crawl through any teeny tiny space and enter your home. The most likely places they enter into a home are through doorways, windows, and the crawl space. You can spray around windows and doors easily, but how do you get rid of them when they are in your crawl space? This can be tricky, especially since some crawl spaces are dirt floors. Read on for helpful tips to get rid of ants.

1. Spray Often

Spray for ants around the exterior perimeter of your house and also around the interior of your crawl space. If this is indeed where they are coming from, they start outside and work their way in. Start outside and spray once per month, or more often if you have a major problem with ants, then spray around the walls in your crawl space each month as well. You can use a commercial-grade spray to kill ants, which can be found at any hardware store or even big box stores. Spray the walls and along the base of the walls surrounding the crawl space. Since you will be in an enclosed space, make sure you wear a mask and protective eyewear.

2. Set Traps

You can also place traps around the crawl space walls to catch the ants. If you don't want to catch and then dispose of ants yourself, then other traps (such as poisonous baits that the ants take to their colony) will help kill the ants and their colony as well. These traps can also be found at most hardware stores and big-box stores. Set them around the walls of the crawl space, where ants are most likely to migrate.

3. Consider Encapsulation

If your crawl space has a dirt floor, you should consider encapsulating it. This will help prevent ants and other pests from getting into your home. When encapsulating, the entire crawl space is encapsulated with a thick plastic sheeting, which serves to protect the area from moisture and pests as well. It can prevent mold and mildew issues, as well as pest issues.

If you have an ant problem and believe they are making their way into your home from the crawl space, you should start at the source to get rid of them. Hire a pest control company to help you with ant control or to help you prevent a future issue as well.