Tips For Removing And Keeping Those Stinky Skunks Out Of Crawlspaces

Tips For Removing And Keeping Those Stinky Skunks Out Of Crawlspaces

26 March 2020
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Decks, sheds, homes with crawl spaces and kid's playhouses are all ideal places for your local skunks to make into their homes. That area of space underneath provides protection and warmth for skunks to live and breed. If you've been dealing with skunks on your property and want to put a stop to it once and for all, there are a few things that you can do. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you do just that.

Contact a Residential Wildlife Removal Professional

The first thing that you'll want to do is contact a residential wildlife removal professional. Unless you want to bathe in a tub of tomato juice for the next several days and still smell, it's best to leave the removal of the skunks to the professionals. Sure, you could set a trap, but is that trap going to keep the skunk from spraying once it's entrapped? Will you be able to retrieve the trap and release the skunk without getting yourself sprayed? If you have no experience in this field, the risk is fairly high that you'll end up getting skunked in the process.

Not only does hiring a professional reduce the chances of the skunk spraying you or the area in which it has made home, but he or she will be able to find and remove all of the skunks that are hiding under there. It's better to get them all out at once and not have to worry about that one that was hiding causing more problems later.

Prevent a Fresh Invasion

After you get the all-clear from the removal professional, it's time to make some improvements to prevent another family of skunks from moving in. This is best done using wire-mesh fencing. Dig the fencing at least a few inches into the soil to ensure that they cannot easily dig underneath. When attaching the mesh to the structure, consider using furring strips to secure it. Place the mesh against the structure, place the furring strip over it, and then, nail it into place.

A few added measures to keep the skunks away from the structure include motion detecting lights, spraying the area with dog or coyote urine and using mothballs or cotton balls saturated in ammonia.

Talk with your local residential wildlife removal professional to discuss what it'll take to rid your property of the skunks that pose the risk of your family and pets getting unwittingly skunked. To learn more information about removing skunks, visit sites like