Signs You Need Bed Bug Extermination

Signs You Need Bed Bug Extermination

24 March 2020
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Bed bugs can happen in any home. No matter how clean you keep your property, you can become infested with bed bugs like any other household. Bed bugs can be found in all 50 states and are most common in urban areas where populations are typically higher.

You may not realize you have bed bugs right away, or can even think you have another type of pesky problem like fleas. A bed bug exterminator is the best professional to help you identify your issue and will be the best person to help you perform proper bed bug extermination.

The sooner you can address a bed bug infestation, the sooner you can eradicate the issue. Here are signs you need bed bug extermination in your home.

You're waking up with welts or itchy spots

Bed bugs can bite and leave behind irritating welts or red, itchy spots on the skin. Exposed skin can be affected, and one or more family members can get the same symptoms. Each person may react to bed bug bites differently, but if you're seeing this problem consistently, calling a bed bug exterminator to diagnose and treat your pest problem is necessary.

Bed bugs can be tricky to get rid of and actually fester in various soft and hard surfaces of the home. Treating bed bugs without the aid of a professional can lead to a larger infestation that is more troublesome to get rid of.

You've had a guest with bed bugs

Have you recently had a guest at your home that had bed bugs in their own home, hotel, or place of business? Bed bugs can travel in luggage, on clothing, or in other ways, so if a guest is staying in your home and they have an untreated bed bug problem, they may be spreading it to your home as well.

Simply coming in contact with a person who has exposure to bed bugs doesn't guarantee you will have them as well, but if you see brown stains on bedding—signs of bed bug fecal debris or injured bed bugs—or have people in your home experiencing bites or irritated skin, then bed bugs may be existing in your home as well.

Your best solution is to hire a bed bug extermination specialist to treat your home for bed bugs. A thorough extermination will sometimes take more than one visit, so stay diligent in allowing your bed bug exterminator to do their job comfortably.

For more information on bed bugs and their signs, contact a pest control company with bed bug extermination services today.