5 Mistakes You Might Be Making That Allow Pests To Get Out Of Control

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making That Allow Pests To Get Out Of Control

20 March 2020
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Pests are a constant threat to your home all seasons of the year. If you have good pest control measures in place, pests may be just a minor nuisance, otherwise, insects and rodents can cause a lot of damage and spread diseases. Here are five mistakes you may be making that allow pests to thrive in your home.

1. Mixing Repellents With Sprays And Baits

When repellents are effective, they don't harm the bugs, they just drive them away due to strong odors or some other reason. If your goal is to kill pests to eliminate an infestation, you'll want to use spray or bait depending on the type of pest you have.

If you use bait and also use repellent, the repellent keeps bugs away from the bait so you'll never be able to kill off the bugs. If you have an infestation and you're not sure how to handle it, call a pest control company, and let them treat the infestation and then offer advice on how to keep the bugs away.

2. Not Using The Right Method For The Pest

Some pesticides kill a large variety of insects that try to invade your home. However, some insects, such as bed bugs and termites, may need special treatments. If you're applying pesticides according to the directions on the label and not having success, your home may need special treatments from a pest control company. For example, a pest control company may use heat or dry ice on bed bugs. Plus, certain types of pesticides are better for certain bugs. For instance, baits are used with ants so the ants carry the poison back to the colony.

3. Not Keeping A Clean Home And Trimmed Lawn

Pests love clutter. Clutter gives rodents and bugs hiding places and places to nest and multiply. To keep down on bugs and rodents, keep both your yard and your home free of clutter, food stains, and dampness.

4. Not Being Proactive

Rather than fight infestations when they arise, take preventative measures to keep bugs and rodents at bay. Do things like sealing your home and have periodic pest control treatments so bugs are killed or driven off before they have a chance to move in and multiply.

5. Not Taking Quick Action

While it's disturbing to see a roach or mouse in your kitchen, there's a good chance there are more pests hiding that you never see. Don't wait until your house is overrun with roaches or mice to take action. Start as soon as you see a problem, and get professional help if you can't get an infestation under control fast enough.

Learn more about how to keep pests from your home by contacting a pest control company in your area.