Managing Pests After A Hurricane

Managing Pests After A Hurricane

19 March 2020
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Hurricanes themselves are bad enough, but you might not realize that your home being in a hurricane zone could be a reason for pests to move in. Natural disasters can cause a chain reaction that leads to issues like standing water, fallen trees, and much more. All of these things can attract pests to your house.

Want to learn how to avoid pests after a hurricane in your area? Keep in mind that these tips are not only suitable for hurricanes but also for any natural disaster that leaves you with damage to your home.

Anticipate Hurricane Season

First, you need to take precautions before the hurricane season. Have regular pest inspections and maintenance performed to keep your house safe from pests before something bad happens. Additionally, take care of issues that could become a problem during and after a hurricane, like leaks and water damage. Not taking care of these issues ahead of time can leave you with more to worry about after a natural disaster.

Be Wary of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes accompany standing water that comes with heavy rains. Mosquitoes may also represent the many other pests, like termites, that are lurking on your property that you are not able to see. If you see mosquitoes, the chances are good that you have other problems as well.

Eliminate Debris Quickly

When you experience a lot of damage to your home, you could end up with piles of debris. Debris can attract all types of pests. If it contains rotting wood, it can attract termites. Debris can also attract rats, mice, mosquitoes, other rodents, and more.

Identify Water Damage Immediately

Rotting wood attracts all kinds of pests, especially termites. Water damage can cause your home to rot, especially when paired with a torrential storm (like a hurricane). Take care of water damage right away to prevent potential problems.

Close Openings as Quickly as Possible

If you notice that your home has new holes and openings caused by the storm, you need to cover them or fill them immediately. Otherwise, you are creating the perfect opportunity for pests to work their way inside.

Seek Pest Control Help

If you suspect that a recent storm has brought pests into your home, you need to seek professional help. Pest control is necessary to help you through the process of eliminating pests once and for all. You are already dealing with a lot after a storm, and pests should not have to be one of them.

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