6 Ways Mice Cause Problems In Your Home

6 Ways Mice Cause Problems In Your Home

19 March 2020
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Mice are common household pests and chances are that they reside on, in, or near your property. When they get into your home, they can pose a serious health threat in addition to their destructiveness. Here are six serious health and destructive issues caused by mice and steps to take to keep them out of your home.

Problems Mice Cause

The health risks mice pose to humans are well documented and serious. Here are some of the most common health risks mice cause as well as ways they can damage your home:

1. They Poop and Pee Everywhere

Mice are indiscriminate about where they do their business. They also use their urine and feces to mark their territory. You will see their feces just about everywhere, including right inside a food package on top of the food.

2. They Chew Into Food Packaging

They contaminate an entire package of food just by chewing up one small corner. They don't eat much, but since they touched the food, they have increased the risk of spreading germs and disease. You then must dispose of any food they have touched.

3. They Carry Hantavirus, Listeria, and Other Diseases

Mice are well-known for spreading dangerous and potentially deadly diseases. Cover your mouth and wear gloves whenever you clean up mouse feces and urine.

4. They Breed Quickly

Mice, and rodents in general, are well known to quickly multiply. Mice have multiple large litters throughout the year. The offspring mature quickly and have their own litters within a short time frame.

5. They Have Parasites That Carry Diseases

Mice carry fleas and ticks that can carry diseases such as Lyme disease and even the plague. The parasites prefer the mice as hosts but can bite humans when they are in search of a new host.

6. They Destroy Papers

Mice will wreak havoc on stored papers, napkins, or paper towels. They will shred these items to pad their own nests.

Ways to Block Mice From Your Home

Mice are natural contortionists. Their skeleton is designed with maximum flexibility to allow them access to extremely tight places. Here are ways to block or discourage mice from entering your domicile:

  • Block off all possible entryways
  • Keep food in mouse-proof containers or in the refrigerator
  • Remove your garbage promptly
  • Set traps where needed
  • Caulk around doors and windows

Your best bet is to call a professional pest control company for mice control and removal, especially because handling traps, poisons, or other potentially hazardous materials can be dangerous. A professional will appraise your situation and help you figure out how your infestation started.

For more information, contact a mice control service.