Information You Want To Know About Mice

Information You Want To Know About Mice

18 March 2020
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Whether you feel your home is rodent free or you worry your home has rodents, you should educate yourself on rodents to ensure you would be able to spot problems right away. This article will give you some information on rodents, so you will be better prepared to spot troubles and to deal with them. Here are some things to know about rodents.

How to spot a mouse hole

When you imagine what a mouse hole may look like, you might conjure up images of holes like the ones you have seen on cartoons. However, mouse holes aren't so easy to spot. They can come in many shapes and sizes and can be in any part of your home. Mouse holes may show up as an already damaged area of your wall, a space between paneling or other material, a crack in the foundation, a small gap where there is a space between the baseboards, or anything else that looks like a crack, gap, or hole.

How to determine if you have mice in your attic

A lot of times people don't see any signs of mice in their home, but mice will still be there. They often like to take over the attic, a place in many homes where they don't have to worry about hiding from people who are coming and going often. Attics also offer them a place where they can make their nests out of things that have been stored in the attic and are long forgotten. The mice can chew on the insulation and tear it apart to make their nests. They can also chew on the wiring, which increases the chances of a fire. You can determine if you have mice in your attic by going up there and listening for any chewing sounds. Look around for any signs of chewed up boxes, damaged insulation, damaged wires, or anything else that looks like it has been chewed on.

How to know the sounds you hear are mice

If you are hearing sounds in your home, then you'll want to know if they are from mice. A mouse will make a small and fast chewing sound when it is eating and when it is chewing things around the house to use in its nest. If you make a loud sound, then a mouse will stop chewing to listen for a moment. Once you are quiet again, then the chewing sound will return. If the mouse has a litter, then you may also hear small squeaking sounds every so often. These sounds are most common while the litter is still eating from the mother.


If you have any reason to think that there are mice somewhere in your home, then a pest control company like Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control can come out and help you determine if there is a problem. They can also get rid of it for you.