How To Get A Moth Problem Under Control With The Help Of A Pest Control Company

How To Get A Moth Problem Under Control With The Help Of A Pest Control Company

19 January 2021
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It's frustrating to find that moths have eaten holes in your clothes. Clothes moths can do a lot of damage to your fabric items, such as wool clothing, carpets, and upholstered furniture. Eliminating and preventing an infestation of moths is important because once holes are in your clothing, they might be ruined. Here are some steps for getting rid of clothes moths.

Check Your Closet For Moths

When you see moth holes or find a silken web under a shirt collar, examine the rest of your closet to see how bad the moth problem is. Clothes moths like to hide, so they'll probably be under folds of clothes, under collars, or in seams. If you find evidence of a moth infestation, call a pest control company for help. This can be especially important if you have an extensive wardrobe or if you own expensive clothing.

Prepare For The Pest Control Visit

The pest control company may want you to prepare for the visit by laundering the clothing that you can and by vacuuming the carpet in the closet and room. Washing clothes in hot water kills the moths and larvae, but you might not be able to wash everything. You might take other clothing to the dry cleaners if necessary.

The pest control company might even provide a fumigation service for your clothing that will kill the moths on things that can't be washed or treated in other ways. You'll want to treat the items hanging in your closet and things folded for storage to make sure all the moths are gone.

Get A Professional Pest Control Treatment

A pest control company can apply pesticides to your closet and the room that kills larvae hidden in the carpet and furniture. Some pesticides have a residual effect that keeps working for a few months, and others, especially pesticides used on clothing, are meant to kill on contact and then lose effectiveness.

Since moths tend to hide, the pest control company will treat areas in places not commonly disturbed, such as under your bed, under a chair, or behind a sofa cushion. The exterminator will also inspect your house to uncover the extent of the problem. Clothes moths often stay close to the area of infestation, so the rest of your home might be free of moths.

Prevent Moths From Returning

Your pest control professional might recommend routine treatments for managing moths and other pests. You can also buy products that repel moths, such as cedar chips, that you can place in your closet. It's also good to check your clothes routinely if they are not sealed in containers that snap shut. Things you don't wear often should be stored in garment bags that zip closed or plastic bins so moths can't get to them and start reproducing.

For more information, contact a pest control company